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High risk pregnancy support service


In 2014 after 5 years of trying and fertility treatments we fell pregnant with our second child, Navie. Nothing was more exciting than watching their little arms and legs dance upon the screen and listen to the beautiful sound of their heartbeat only for less than 24 hours later to go through the journey of birth, we had lost our little one at 10 weeks, due to complications with an earlier hospitalisation of ovarian cysts that had burst.

It was devastating for us and we didn’t find nor were offered any support from anywhere in our local community or hospital staff, though exceptionally professional. I desperately wanted support, give support and share my story. I wanted to talk about my baby, I wanted to do something in their memory, I wanted to contribute because to me, their life mattered and no matter how short, we had hopes and dreams for them and I never wanted parents to go through the lack of support we did during our loss, which in turn inspired me to gain a diploma in counselling when we fell pregnant with our rainbow Thea and I wanted to capture every moment of her, which inspired my true passion of photography.

So when I can, I donate my time to capture events and moments that brings light to causes that benefits women and families during their pregnancy, because we should never be alone in our journeys and we should also be able to celebrate the life of our babies both living and angels.

It may be a small gesture, but to me, those few hours give me a chance to connect with my Navie.

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