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High risk pregnancy support service

Secret Garden High Tea 2020

Thank you ❤️ for attending
Harrison’s Little Wings Secret Garden High Tea


It was so lovely to have you join us on Sunday, you helped us raise an amazing $7,000.00!!!

You have helped give the gift of practical support to 10-15 families whist experiencing a complex pregnancy.

Just imagine…. Your joy of getting pregnant. The anticipation of this new bundle of joy joining your family. Is it a boy, is it a girl?

You are thrilled filled with excitement to go to your ultrasound scan so you get a sneak peek of your baby. To see the button nose, ten fingers and ten toes. Only to be devastated to be told that something is wrong.

You are overwhelmed with difficult questions. Appointments are filled with bad news. The worry about your precious baby is relentless.

You count down every day, grateful for another day, but stressed as your due date looms. Asking yourself will my baby survive?

The simplest of things, like cleaning the bathrooms can be overwhelming, you are busy attending appointments, extra medical tests, bed rest, whist juggling your other children. Dad is busy trying to work, cook meals, and trying to be there for Mum whilst worrying about his unborn child.

Your support helps a family experiencing a complex pregnancy with practical services that help take away stressful tasks, so each family can be emotionally available to each other.

Thank you for joining us at our High Tea.
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