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Precious Toiletry Pack by Harrison's Little Wings


Not all Mum’s have family and friends close by to help them through this difficult time. Our Precious Toiletry Packs are invaluable to Mums who have arrived unexpectedly to the hospital or not packed enough in their bag.

We received a beautiful letter from such a Mum and thought we would share it with you.

“I want to say a huge Thank You to Harrison’s Wings! Bailey grew his wings on Tuesday, I am still in hospital and no sight of home yet bcoz of a few lingering issues and obviousy didn’t pack enough in my bag! Tonight my beautiful midwife Lesha washed my hair, I smell lovely from the roll on, and even had to use the knickers in the bag as I have no clean ones left. What a saviour that pouch has been and though I’m feeling my lowest I feel human

💚 Thank you for providing the little care packages its truely amazing!”


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