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High risk pregnancy support service

Greenbank RSL Grant

Harrison’s Little Wings are so excited about being a successful Greenbank RSL grant recipient. In December 2019 We were granted a $5000 grant which will go towards supporting families who have an extremely complex pregnancy with practical support.

A mother who is admitted into hospital during pregnancy, for weeks at a time, this can cause the family considerable stress. Dad now has to juggle work, meals, housework and any existing children, and if Mum worked a loss of income. Harrison’s Little Wings will provide the family with whatever practical service a family requires to ease their stress. Our highest requested service is housecleaning.

We also have other families who’s baby’s receive a poor or fatal diagnosis. Parents can feel extremely overwhelmed, so Harrison’s Little Wings will supply practical services. Families are able to choose when the service will be most helpful to them at the time. This could be during pregnancy, around the baby’s birth or immediately after birth.

Thank you Greenbank RSL for your amazing Funding.

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