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High risk pregnancy support service


Hi Mel and the Harrison’s little wings team.

We would just like to thank you for your help during our recent pregnancy with Coen.

Unfortunately we did not have a good outcome but your support and help really made life easier at that time.

Your pregnancy pack and info plus the fortnightly clean helped so much while I was in hospital and Josh had the kids alone. And our special Cami Bear for Both our Boys born too soon is such a special keep sake.

Probably one of the worst parts of losing a child is the feeling of isolation. You are told you may lose your baby, and after fighting so hard the worst happens. Lightning struck twice for us. Mel your support and love in those weeks leading up to the birth of Coen helped me more than you know. Knowing we had an advocate and friend that was there to help us really helped us stay sane.
When things like this happen, many do not know how to help. That is where Harrison’s little wings can take the practical help and ease the burden. 

This is a short thanks to you, your volunteers and the companies that support you. But your advice and support means more than I can say.  

Gillian and Josh. Parents to Connor and Coen.  

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