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High risk pregnancy support service

Due to the uncertainty of your pregnancy, you may want to take the time to create special memories with your baby while you are pregnant and/ or after the birth.  These will be keepsakes for you to treasure and to remember.   

We also liaise with other community groups to make sure you receive all the support you need to create these precious memories. 

Pregnancy memories 

  • Have a pregnancy photo shoot.  
  • Get a tummy mould.  
  • Start a journal and document your baby’s movements and appointments.  
  • Have a baby shower for your baby, to celebrate your pregnancy.  
  • Create an album of all your ultrasound photos.  
  • Get a 3D ultrasound and a video of your ultrasound.  
  • Buy your baby an outfit.  

Creating Memories after Birth  

  • Hands and feet moulds 
  • Photos of baby 
  • Memory quilt 
  • If baby has lots of hair, cut some hair off as a keepsake.  
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