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High risk pregnancy support service

Providing practical services relieve the everyday pressures so that you and your family can concentrate on what is important, which is being there emotional, mentally and physically, as a family.

This program is free of charge to Queensland Residents. We tailor the services to each individual family depending on your needs. 

Harrison’s Little Wings assists with the costs of practical services such as house cleaning, yard maintenance, transport and/or parking fees, and individual counseling sessions (currently limited to Brisbane and Gold Coast areas).   

We also provide support to family members who want to support their loved ones through this difficult time. This includes suggestions of how to work closely with the family to provide what is needed by Mum of baby. This can be as simply working with Mum to put a roster in place for family members to make meals or help with babysitting whilst Mum and Dad of baby are at appointments. 

To apply for Harrison’s Little Wings practical support, please complete the form below.

Apply for Support Services

Accessing our support services is a simple two-step process:

Have a member of your health care team (GP, midwife etc) complete the Patient Referral Form found here.

Fill out the Family Information/Consent Form. The form is available to complete online below or download the pdf for completion.

Family Information/Consent Form

Your Information

Other Siblings

Sibling 1

Sibling 2

Sibling 3

Practical Support Consultation-Stage One

Religion if Applicable

Harrison’s Little Wings Inc is not affiliated with any religious domination this is a Practical Support Service that we offer to our families.

Terms and conditions of our Practical Support

Each family is assessed on a case by case basis, there may be some circumstances where approval may not be granted for our Practical support program.


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