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High risk pregnancy support service


arrison’s Little Wings is a not for profit organisation that supports women and their families who have receive a diagnosis in their pregnancy, or Mum has a Maternal health issue that puts her life or her baby’s life at risk.

 Mothers and Fathers and their family who find themselves having a complex pregnancy can feel extremely uncertain, scared, worried and at times overwhelmed.

We aim to hold hands with the Mum’s and Dad’s as well as their family and provide resources, peer support and practical support through their pregnancy journey.  

 Melanie McKenzie, our founder and other mothers who have all been on a similar journey created our support program.  This allows us to provide a very unique offering – support for families suffering and struggling along this journey, designed by mothers who have already been on that very same journey and had faith, comfort and support to pull them through.

We care about making the journey as comforting, supportive and helpful as possible.   

Harrison’s Little Wings is the only organisation in the world that provides comprehensive support to families who have been given a poor of fatal diagnosis during pregnancy.


Our Sponsors

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At Grace, we believe every woman deserves to live her best life. Whether you’re dreaming of having a baby, newly pregnant or experiencing a gynaecological issue
Zonta Club of Brisbane Empowering Women - Harrison’s Little Wings was the successful recipient of Zonta’s supporting women grant.
Cami Bear forever in my heart

Our Support Services

Precious Pregnancy Packs

Precious Pregnancy Pack by Harrison's Little WingsOur packs are an information source to give mothers and their families something tangible to read when they are at home in their safe space.

Practical Support Program

Practical Support - Harrisons Little WingsHarrison’s Little Wings assists with the costs of practical services to relieve the everyday pressures for families, such as house cleaning, yard maintenance and travel costs.

Peer Support Program

Harrisons Little Wings Cuppa and Bickie online get together for peer support meetingsWe provide a safe supportive environment where women can talk about their experiences and share their stories in a relaxed informal format. This is an important support system for families during their pregnancy but extends to after the delivery of their baby.

Treasured Memories
Due to the uncertainty of their pregnancy, families may want to take the time to create special memories with their baby while mothers are pregnant. We assist families with this, for example: hand and feet molds, photography or Cami bears which will be treasured forever.

Health Professionals
Harrison’s Little Wings partners with health professionals to support women and their families who are going through a horrific pregnancy journey.


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